Our targets

Our goal is to provide a high performing secretariat service that has the needs of tribunal users at its centre.

Our targets will help us to achieve our goal and to monitor our performance.

We continuously measure our performance against targets and our performance is reported in the Annual Report for the tribunal.

Tribunal users are also invited to complete a customer satisfaction check at the end stage of the process to provide feedback on our service.

  • Registration
    • 95% of all applications that require no further information or action, to be registered within 5 working days of receipt.
    • In 95% of all cases where we are unable to register the application we will write within 5 working days of receipt to let the applicant know what action we will take.
  • Correspondence
    • 90% of all correspondence acknowledged or followed up within 5 working days of receipt.
  • Hearing
    • 100% of notification of hearing date to be issued at least 15 working days before hearing.
    • 90% of notices of hearing attendance and arrangements to be issued at least 10 working days before hearing.
  • Decision
    • We will issue 90% of decisions within 28 working days of hearing.
    • We will endeavour to discharge of 75% of appeals within 12 months of registration.