Audio guidance

Some of our guidance is available in audio as well as written format.

Please choose from the audio guidance booklet selection below.

Part 1: Introduction

Part 1 explains about the guidance booklet and about the RPT Wales and its members.

Part 2: Applications to the tribunal

Part 2 explains about the types of applications covered by this guidance that can be made to the RPT Wales.

Part 3: How to apply

Part 3 explains about how to make an application and the fee for doing so.

Part 4: Procedures following an application

Part 4 explains what happens once the RPT Wales receives an application.

Part 5: Inspections and hearings

Part 5 explains what happens when the RPT Wales visit and inspect a premises and about what happens at a tribunal hearing.

Part 6: The decision and after

Part 6 explains about what Orders the RPT Wales may make as part of its decision, when and how the decision is given, and making an appeal against the decision.